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Pilates during Pregnancy

Unlike many exercise programmes you can begin Pilates at any stage of pregnancy to gain the benefits that Pilates will bring to your body. Pilates will gently and safely prepare the body for the rigors of labour while re-aligning the body for successful birthing. Stability balls are an integral part and we will ensure that you are well acquainted with them as a labour tool so that they may be used comfortably and effectively during the birthing process.

The Pregnancy Fitness Programme will:

  • address the needs of your rapidly changing body and gain flexibility;
  • strengthen your body for labour and delivery with resistance work;
  • relieve stress through breathing and relaxation techniques;
  • ease common pregnancy complaints like backache.

Post-Natal Pilates

Whether you are a new or a not-so-new mum, rehabilitate your body following the birth of your baby. We will programme a series of sessions tailored to your birthing experience and any pregnancy related conditions you may have encountered. We gently rebuild the body's strength from the inside out, beginning just hours after delivery. Exercises designed to close abdominals, realign the spine and rehabilitate the pelvic floor will be provided.

The post natal Pilates programme will:

  • provide abdominal exercises which are designed to take account of separation of the recti muscles and build core strength;
  • rebuild endurance and stamina lost during the months of pregnancy;
  • realign and strengthen the spine;
  • use resistance work to strengthen the body to ease post natal complaints like backaches, shoulder & neck tension.

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